lease register at reception immediately upon arrival. Groups are reported by the group leader. If you bring extra tents, boats, etc. - please inform us immediately.

Temporary visitors are asked to park their vehicle on the gravel parking outside the area, on the other side of the road.

The camping hosts and the other staff are responsible for peace and order, and will help should problems arise.

All tent equipment of normal types and sizes may be used. However, it is not allowed to set up a tent house of a more permanent nature. Caravans must be registered as motor-driven vehicles.

Fixed devices at tents or caravans, such as fences or protective walls, are not allowed. Please ask if you are in doubt about what you are entitled to do. Ensure that LPG and electrical equipment are tested and approved in accordance with applicable regulations.

Since Landöns Camping is a family-oriented campsite, silence should be observed between 23:00 and 07:00. At dance nights, the silence rule comes into effect at 01.00.

There is a speed ​​limitation in the area – maximum speed is 10 km / h. Driving a car or any other motorized vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs is absolutely prohibited.

Sort your refuse sorting in the designated garbage storage building. Combustible waste must be disposed of in the container. Newspapers, paper packaging, corrugated board, glass and food waste are to be thrown away in separate containers. Paper bags for food waste can be collected at the reception. There are also red boxes for batteries, and barrels dedicated for barbecue remnants. Furniture, barbeques, old refrigerators, etc. must be taken to the municipal recycling center. There is trailer which can be borrowed for this purpose.

For more information regarding opening hours, activities etc, see the bulletin boards at service house and at the reception, or at www.landö Please contact the capming warden or other staff, should you have any questions.

Help us keep the campsite clean and free from junk. Use the garbage containers within the camping area.

All dogs must be leashed. When you walk your dog, ensure that it attends to the calls of nature outside the camping area. Dog bathing is allowed in the designated area.

Sales at and within the campsite, may only occur with permission of the camping host.

Please leave the common areas (toilets, laundry and shower rooms, kitchen, washing and laundry rooms) in the same condition as you wish to find them.

Departure: Unless otherwise agreed upon with the reception staff, the camping site must be vacated and cleaned before 12:00 on the day of departure. We are grateful for a notice of departure day in good time.

The Landön Camping company disclaims itself from all responsibility for theft and damage to guests and their property. Furthermore, we also reserve the right, at the guest's own expense and without deduction for paid rent, to immediately evict a guest who does not comply with the above rules and the instructions given by the camp's management or staff.


t is compulsory for all guests to hold a valid Camping Card Scandinavia.

No caravan may be placed before contacting the camping host. Generally, in addition to the carriage, awning and car, no other buildings and devices may be erected on or outside the rented plot. The principle here is that everything must be part of camping living, ie temporary accommodation on wheels. The Landön Camping company also reserves the right to always comply with the authorities' decisions and recommendations regarding the camping area.

The care of the plot, its order and upkeep, lawn mowing etc are provided by the tenant. Tenants of plots that are mismanaged may expect that no extension of the rental period will take place.

Only the rented plot may be used for car parking and other storage of other property. If there is no space for the car, it must be parked on the gravel parking. Other plots than the one rented by the tenant may not be used for parking, material storage and so on. Boats and boat wagons may be placed at the location designated by the reception.

The tenant is responsible for all security in the caravan and on the rented plot. This means, among other things, that the LPG plant and fire extinguishers must be inspected annually. All electrical installations in caravans and their awnings must be made by a qualified electrician.

Caravans / motorhomes may only be used by registered tenants. Secondary grants of the camping plot is prohibited. It is not allowed to sell / transfer caravans with a plot without prior approval from the camping host.

At departure, the site must be left in a well-cleaned and prepared condition, after consultation with the camping host. Lawns, plantations, stone walls, terraces and similar ground-based facilities must be left on site without compensation. Keys for electrical cabinets and tags for electricity consumption gauges must be submitted to the reception. Keys or tags that are lost will be surcharged at SEK 200.

Seasonal invoicing is paid with payment of registration fee no later than 15 January, and final payment no later than the date of departure. When payment has been made, this means that you also fully accept the regulations state here. Requests for payments by installment can discussed with the camping host. Should the rent not be paid on time, that will be interpreted as the plot rantal being terminated by the tenant, and the Landön Camping company can rent out the plot to another guest.

The electricity consumption is read off when the camping closes for the season unless you do depart earlier, in which case the electricity consumption is read off at departure. If the tag for the electricity consumption gauge is missing, the electricity comsumption will be charged according to a standard cost of SEK 50 per day. The power can either be paid on site or via invoice. If it is paid via invoice, a billing fee of SEK 75 will be added to the total cost. If the departure is earlier than what was booked / reserved, no refund will be made.

Please note that we update the regulations as needed. The rules that are stated on our website, www.landö always take precedence over these printed rules.