At Landön there are several lovely designated beaches to choose from. Inside the campsite we have our own sandy beach with a floating pier and a waterslide. If you jump into the water from the floating pier and follow the coast to the north you will soon reach a sandy shoal. If you follow this, you can walk all the way out to the Lindö island. At the other end of the campsite you will find a secluded cove with a small sandy beach. This is usually a favorite among the very youngest bathers.


On the other side of the peninsula, you will find the municipal beach. Here is a sandy beach and a floating pier. Out in the water there are lots of rocks, which the youngsters find completely impossible to stop climbing and jumping off from. This bathing place is also very shallow far out, and not even at the far end of the pier is the water deep enough to dive in. But those of you who want to dive – can you find the diving stone? There is a large rock that lies right on the water's surface and on its back side, nature has arranged a perfect ledge to step up on.



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